Prior to opening a shop at Heiderand Mall the following documents need to be submitted to our offices or e-mail below:

When applying, please submit an introduction letter of you concept and what you wish to bring to Heiderand Mall.

  • Concept
  • Type of Trade
  • Pricing
  • Target Market
  • Design & Layout (Concept)
  • Trading Name

Supply us with a detailed CV of the Company and the Director(s) that will drive the concept.

When applying, please provide us with personal or company financials including audited financials and balance sheets.

  • Including turnover projections for 24 Months (per month)
  • Summarised income and expenditure projections for 24 months
  • Projected capital investment

Once in receipt of the above, we will determine the need and or feasibility of your concept in the Heiderand Mall.